5 Common Issues Under Title IX

by pendons
5 Common Issues Under Title IX

Title IX is the most important law students and parents should know about, but not many people understand everything that it entails. There are some common misconceptions about what Title IX means for victims of violence, and it’s important to know the truth in order to protect your child and plan for their future.

Title IX is a federal law that was passed in 1972 to protect both students and employees from discrimination. It states that no person can be treated differently because of their sex, religion, or ethnicity. Title IX also protects students from sexual harassment and violence. It is a statute that has been very effective in keeping schools safe for everyone. Title IX also ensures equal participation in sports and other school activities, without the risk of being discriminated against. One of the biggest misconceptions has been that if you are a victim of sexual harassment or violence, and tell someone about it, you can be expelled. However, this won’t happen if you have a Title IX attorney beside you.

Let us now see into the common issues that come under Title IX.

  1. Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and is illegal. It can also be considered a form of sexual violence, which is covered under Title IX. Sexual harassment can be physical or verbal. 

  1. Participation in athletics

Title IX also states that men and women must have equal opportunities in athletics. Schools cannot deny a female athlete the opportunity to play any sport on a school team based on her gender. The same applies to both men and women in cheerleading, band, etc.

  1. Discrimination against pregnant students

Title IX also protects pregnant students from discrimination or being taken off a sports team if they are already in it. Institutions funded by the federal government are not permitted to discriminate against a student based on their pregnancy.

  1. Retaliation for enforcing Title IX

Title IX also states that schools cannot retaliate against someone who files a complaint or brings up Title IX violations. Schools are not allowed to punish victims for coming forward with their experiences. 

  1. Employment discrimination

Title IX also protects people from being discriminated against because of their gender when they apply for a job. Under Title IX, both men and women must be given equal opportunities when it comes to employment at a federally funded school.

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